This web page is the fulfillment of a dream in which Gwich'in people are not only recognized for their traditional knowledge and lifeways but also have a strong voice using their own language. They know how to live off the country and over the centuries they have found thousands of ingenious ways to do it. Hai' choo to all of the Gwich'in elders who joined this project and shared their knowledge and stories with us. Their names and photo portraits are featured elsewhere on this site. 

In addition, we wish to extend our thanks to the communities of Arctic Village, Venetie, Fort Yukon, and Old Crow for allowing us to work freely and openly in their midst.  We especially enjoyed the hospitality of Orin Frank in Venetie, Hannah J. Solomon in Fort Yukon, and Patti and Kenny Tetlitchi in Old Crow.

Other persons who encouraged us and made our work possible are Anna Kerttula de Echave of the National Science Foundation, Megan Williams of the Vuntut Gwich'in Heritage Center, Larry Kaplan, Gary Holton, Leon Unruh, Kathy Sikorski, and Dawn Durtsche of the Alaska Native Language Center, and Hiroko Ikuta of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Division of Subsistence.  Traci Cogdill, Patti Carey, and Cindy Owen at the College of Literature and the Arts at the University of Alaska Fairbanks provided able administrative support.

Our web page was designed and implemented by Garret Spargo of Anchorage. Lee Post of Homer provided the detailed anatomical drawing of the caribou skeleton. We greatly appreciate their abundant talents and good will.

Photo by Allan Hayton